Travel Day Bag

Airplane or around town


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  • Thick Padding
  • Extra Tough Ripstop
  • Padded Fin Pocket
  • Wide zipper entry to accommodate alternative board shapes.
  • YKK Zipper stands up to salt and sand
  • Detachable Comfort Strap
  • Reflective bottom bounces sunlight and keeps board cool
  • Velcro fin slot for single fins
  • Interior wax pocket
  • Interior leash pocket
  • Velcro accordion tail for wider boards and glass on fish
Travel Day Bag - 5'10 - Mollusk Surf Shop - description
Gear Warranty - Mobile
Tim R. (verified buyer)
"Amazing bag flew with it from CA to NJ and not a single ding! Enough space to hold 2 but could be right for travel highly recommend really sturdy material."
Joshua T. (verified buyer)
"5 months of use. So far so good. I've had bags from Dakine, Creatures, and Pro-Lite. The quality of this bag seems to be as good as any so far, but more attractive. Time will tell with durability, but I expect that it'll last"
Parker M. (verified buyer)
"Great quality, and the reflective bottom is a huge plus. Impressed by the level of padding throughout. I'm a fairly clumsy person, but I know my board will be kept safe from discoloration and dings for years to come as long as I continue to use this bag for my daily travels. I'll definitely consider this bag again if I ever need another size."
Donald H. (verified buyer)
"Best quality board bag i've ever purchased. Love the color scheme as well."
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