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Shooting The Decades

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Shooting The Decades by Chris Klopf is a selection of images from way back in the 20th century, when surfers made their own boards, weren't too sure about leashes, and traveled freely and secretly in a world that wasn't exposed.

"Each and every photographer has his or her own “eye” – a signature perspective that identifies their uniqueness. This is the sense of story (or lack of it) that comes through in a photograph. A shooter can have the finest of equipment, the latest gear, the biggest, fastest lenses, unlimited supplies of film (back in the day), and a bottomless travel budget, but… if the eye isn’t there – if the shooter can’t frame the image to tell the story – something’s missing.

Over the years we’ve seen Chris Klopf frame his moments and tell his stories. Off the beaten path, sharing the road with a moveable cast of characters, most of them in search of the same thing: perfect waves in beautiful places where the crowds had not yet arrived. During a time when the mainstream of surfing was so well documented and publicized, Chris’s photos describe an alternate and parallel surfing reality. While the contest coverage got better and better, and the sponsored photo trips opened one great new surf spot after the other, Chris’s images kept telling tales of simple magic and the appreciation of yet another perfect moment delivered up by the angels of circumstance. This is such a cool book of images – for all sorts of reasons, but especially because Chris’ images hit you with that same sense of fresh discovery as did those frst photos taken by Tom Blake. That feeling of, “Here it is! Look, I see it!” That’s magic." — Drew Kampion

348 pages

Locations: Mexico, Australia, Wilderness California, Bali, New Zealand, Hawaii, Baja, Peru, Santa Cruz.

Contributing authors: Drew Kampion, Mark Gray, Brian Bleak, Ben Marcus, Chris Aherns, Phil Jarratt, Rabbit Bartholomew, Gregory Schell.

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