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  • Hess Handplane
  • Hess Handplane
  • Hess Handplane
  • Hess Handplane
  • Hess Handplane
  • Hess Handplane

Hess Handplane

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Hess Handplane with a seat belt webbing, velcro hand strap. 

Danny Hess has been working on perfecting these little devils for a number of years and his geeking around has paid off for the rest of us! Never in the sport of surfing has there been a resurgence in something so forgotten, yet soooo rad. The handplanes do take a little practice and have a bit of a learning curve, but a few days out and you'll be a pro. Basically they provide the minimum amount of surface area to get you up on a plane, so that you can actually turn, get barreled, stall, slash, spin and glide your way to heaven. The planes are fully hand-shaped with rocker, rails, bottom contours and the like. And at such a small size, you can easily fit it in your suitcase or backpack. So forget lugging around a full coffin of surfboards and bring this little guy on your next trip. Just don't forget your swimfins.

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