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Traditional surf movie fare only in the sense that it's loosely documentary, Adrift is an opiate-paced glimpse into the world of (for lack of a more effective term) soul surfing. I don't think the cliche meter went off once in this baby (i.e. underwater opening shot, sappy slapstick, rock'n'roll/big wave scoring, etc). It has a signature all its own, and that's a tough trick to pull in a first offering. While the waveriding alone is worth the price of admission, rewind on the interstitial segment intros: a still-life Duke portrait and a spinning wax platter; a time lapse of Australian clouds; a hyper-blue spinning cocktail that morphs into a hyper-blue spinning Pipeline tube (further frame-by-frame scansion will doubtless yield hidden messages) ... all scene stealing stage-setters for the best longboarding we've seen, bar none. Surfwise, it's Bonga at an Outer Island, Russ and Buff at home, and J.T. as smooth as you like in 0-10' waves from New York to Pipeline. –Review from the Surfers Journal 

Directed by J. Brother
32 minutes

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