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9'6 Yater Apocalypse Model

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"Apocalypse Model" by Reynolds Yater. Most people will remember the famous John Milius film called apocalypse now. One of the famous characters in the movie was demanding that his privates bring him his Yater spoon so he could surf his favorite beach after annihilating the enemy. Most people don't know the backstory but according to Renny, Milius came into his little red shop in Summerland, California back in the early 60s and bought two rounded pin long boards. One was 9 feet long the other 9 feet 6 inches long. It was not a board that he made very many of. I had personally never seen one before. Milius made the film in the late 70s and used the 9 foot board that he had purchased in Summerland for the film. Of course he had his art department decorate it to match the colors and code of arms of the army unit in the film. About 15 years ago 100 of these boards were made as numbered collectors items. None of them were ever ridden as they are too valuable.  Fast forward to 2015 when Thomas Campbell approaches Mr. Yater to build him a ridable version of the collector board by making it 9'6". When it was done it looks so good that a group of us automatically ordered the identical boards for ourselves. I have been riding my apocalypse model for five months now in every type of condition from perfect points to beach breaks to sloppy waves and the board performs effortlessly in all of those situations. The Yater approach is all about simplicity and function. This board looks clean and simple and rides effortlessly. Another classic from the master. - Marc Andreini



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