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9'4 Trimcraft Big Pin

Sold Out

Trimcraft’s first longboard offering – something for the logger who thought they had everything. The BigPin is a hybridized longboard & glider, suited for all kinds of waves, especially for those of us who enjoy the super-glibe of a longboard but aren’t out to hang heels and dance the tip; More apt to arcing carves and swooping around the face with connectivity usually lost on a traditional log, while still very capable and happy to keep you cheating-five all day long. The origins of this model can be traced back to a down-rail longboard shape instigated by Cyrus Sutton and shaped by Lovelace – though this new iteration borrows from Ryan’s past few years refining a bottom shape that gets bigger boards onto rail like silk. Arcing, cruising, cheating, the BigPin is it!

Length: 9'4"

Wide Point: 22 7/8"

Thickness: 3 1/8"

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