9' Liddle Pathfinder

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Greg Liddle's Pathfinder takes the design elements of his displacement hulls and scales up the length to that of a glider. The outline is beautifully elongated with a nice amount of curve; the nose and tail are both slightly pulled in. The bottom contour is heavily rolled for most of the board but it flattens out towards the tail. The rails are foiled out to be pretty knifey while maintaining a lot of volume in the middle of the board. There's a healthy amount of rocker in the Pathfinder, more than you tend to see in some of Liddle's other models, this is generally the case with most gliders to allow them to bank turns and surf more functionally with their added length. This is a great board for a surfer that's looking to relax peacefully while gliding and trimming at high speeds.

9' Liddle Pathfinder - Mollusk Surf Shop - description
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