8'4 Andreini McVee

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"In 1967 when Bob McTavish started experimenting with Vee bottom surfboards the first one he made was 9'4". He was impressed at how well it would ride the nose. Of course, he was also amazed at how well it turned. After several days of testing however, he decided that the goal was to go shorter and have even more maneuverability. As we all know this Vee bottom  blazed into existence the shortboard revolution which started in December 1967 when Nat Young surfed his 9'4" Vee-bottom at Honolua Bay.

I offer the McVee as the spiritual successor to those original boards. The longer ones have wonderful nose riding capabilities along with excellent turning. The shorter ones just have fabulous trim and turning capabilities. At any length the boards are designed for 2 foot 6 foot waves that would generally be favorable for a longboarding. However, these boards are more maneuverable and faster than a longboard and in my opinion a lot more fun. Size range: 8' -9'6". Rolled bottom and deck with Vee ahead of the fin. Flat behind the fin box so that the board will come right out of the bottom turn and change direction without tracking over the back of the wave like the original design."

-Marc Andreini

Length: 8'4"

Wide Point: 22 1/2"

Thickness: 3 1/4"

Comes with an Andreini A Flex Fin.

8'4 Andreini McVee - Mollusk Surf Shop - description
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