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7'9 Alex Knost BMT (Used)

Sold Out

"After blowing wads of cash, multiple take offs, and contributing towards detrimental video and film segments I have had a realization. Several designs I can honestly stand behind and could recommend as being far out. Dane Peterson longboards, and a narrowed down Russ Short model made by the Campbell Brothers. The third one would be this board, it looks like it's for super large scary sunset beach because I ripped a template off a real Barry Kanaiaupuni board I saw while it was getting repaired, and although I'm too much of a wuss to surf large sunset I've ridden the board in a variety of surf around the world from 2 foot sano to powerful hollow steep surf. You can utilize all 7 foot 9 inches of this board and place it in very bizarre spots and critical situations with relatively great results. Its length also grants great planning surface and trim speed in small surf, the subtle vee and mysto wing offer release. I recommend an 8 inch '4A style' fin placed in the last inch to two of the box, further up for lower center of gravity type surfing or 'drifting' and further back for a higher center of gravity type surfer or in actual large surf, in which case I'd also suggest trying a 'brewer' style fin."

-Alex Knost



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