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7'6 Liddle Death Machine

Sold Out

"I have had many requests for shorter versions of the other outlines to accomodate those who are used to the smaller, narrower and thinner modern tri fin surfboard. This is an outline from the past and I have now made them down to 6' lengths. I rode fuller outlines down to 6'2" and for my 150 lb weight found that they did not plane along without constant effort much like the smaller curved outline modern tri fins of today. This was not my style so I keep adding length till they planed out easily in the small, weak point surf that was available to me in Southern California. If you have the power as in reefier or beach break surf it will surely push one of these along and they will fit into that shape of wave more easily to get a similar feeling of the longer outlines. Hope this fills a gap without getting to far removed from the concept and feel of the design."

*This board has a small blem under the glassing, we've reduced the price for you*

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