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7'6 Liddle Baby Vee

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In Greg Liddle's rendition of a vee bottom you'll find the quintessential Liddle s-deck rounding up from the tail, dropping into the nose, and running up to meet the slope of the nose rocker which has a little more flip in the nose than your average Liddle displacement hull normally has. In comparison to Liddle's Death Machine, this model outline is much less exaggerated, the wide point is set at the center while the nose is a bit more pulled in and the tail transitions into a fuller, rounded squash. The bottom contour exhibits a gently rolled hull entry that tapers into a rolled vee that reaches its apex just above the fin box before softening out towards the tail. The foil of the rail is more forgiving than some of Liddle's other models as it maintains more thickness and as a tucked edge that begins a the top of the fin box and extends out the tail. This particular Baby V has a little bit of white pigment in the resin which will allow this board to stay looking sparkling new for much longer.

Length: 7'6"

Wide Point: 23"

Thickness: 3 1/8"

Comes with a 9'5" Greg Liddle wide-base Flex Fin. 

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