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7'2 LIddle Baby V

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Do you like the feeling of banking off the bottom of the wave in a full on hull turn? Well this board is for you. These boards are not to be confused with eggs, mid-lengths or even mini logs, as they are their own breed for the hull aficionados.
The wide point is at the center of the board, while the nose is a bit more pulled in, and the tail transitions into a fuller rounded squash tail. The bottom contour has hull entry that tapers into a rolled vee just ahead of the fin box. The foil of the rail is more forgiving than some of Liddle's other models. Consider it one of the more versatile liddles.

Comes with a 9.5" Liddle Flex Fin.

Length: 7'2"

Wide Point: 23"

Thickness: 3" 

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