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7'2 Aleutian Juice MPegg

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The MPegg is a component-specific replica of the stubby Michael Peterson rode at Kirra in Morning of the Earth. All the funky elements are filtered out and what remains is Fish-like speed in a large bore single-fin that is both fun-ctional in slop and a source of new sensations and lines in perfect point surf.

Active ingredients:

  • Wide and short planshape with widepoint well above center serves to lengthen and straighten rail line, which gives loads of speed and projection out of a super-short board.
  • Slight convex ‘hull’ bottom nose blends to flat and crisp vee panel at tail. Combined with a low rocker, this is one efficient hybrid planing/displacement hull.
  • Soft, low 70/30 rails allows full attack without skittering, yet also buries a lot of thickness without being blobby.


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