6'9 Josh Hall Long Fish

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The perfect shortboard for the avid longboarder, the Long Fish is also a legit alternative to common midlength designs like the egg. In 2003, I was looking for a design that could help me transition from longboards to shortboards. My shaper and mentor, Skip Frye, suggested I try one of his “Long Fish” designs and it was the perfect solution. I’ve had one in my quiver ever since. You can really engage the board’s long rails with the wave at top speeds and have unbelievable control on big, walled up point breaks.

GLASSING SCHEDULE: 6 oz. + 4 oz. deck, 6 oz. bottom.

FINS: Glass on keel fins, straight back template.

ROCKER: Low nose entry, relaxed through the tail.

RAIL: Fish style: Down rail throughout—softened from nose toward tail, back third hard edged.

BOTTOM CONTOURS: Flat bottom with single concave running through the fins.

TYPE OF WAVES: Hollow reefs and long pointbreaks, optimal in head high and up to a few feet overhead.


Length: 6'9

Wide Point: 21 1/2"

Thickness: 3



6'9 Josh Hall Long Fish - Mollusk Surf Shop - description
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