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  • 5'8 Ellis Ericson Uki Twin
  • 5'8 Ellis Ericson Uki Twin
  • 5'8 Ellis Ericson Uki Twin

5'8 Ellis Ericson Uki Twin

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This board I developed with Andrew kidman on his Farm in Uki northern NSW Australia. It was conceived for the beach breaks and points of the East coast. Built for sandbars and point breaks, the curvy high hips complimented with straighter section out the tail gives you the ability for agile on rail surfing whilst still being able to ride in the forward position for tube riding and steeper sections. 

  • Deck - Slightly rolled, flat towards the nose.
  • Rails - 70/30 down rail, tucked edge on the Bottom
  • Bottom - Flat entry to double concave out the tail.
  • Tail - Shallow swallow - foiled out.
  • Ideal Conditions - Sandbars 2 - 4 feet, point breaks at 3 - 6 feet.


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Surfboards are only available for in-store pick up. Surfboard shipping is not available domestically or internationally. However, we can transfer the board between San Francisco, Silverlake, and Venice Locations for $50.

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