5'5 Arenal Fish

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"When I think of the Fish, my minds eye rests, for obvious reasons, on Steve Lis and Jeff Ching.  Lis invented the design and Ching stood up on it.  Whew!  Great times, and the great times keep rolling...

This proven design has been tested from Santa Cruz to Baja, beach breaks to point breaks, ankle-snappers to overhead bombs.  My take on the classic Fish, with its forward wide point, beaked nose, and flowing curve will deliver fun in the slop and performance in good stuff."

Wave Range: Knee to Shoulder (flow zone) 

Recommended length: 5'0 - 6'8

Average Dimensions:    

Width: 21.25"

Thickness: 2.5"

Nose: 17"        

Tail: 16.5"

5'5 Arenal Fish - Mollusk Surf Shop - description
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