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  • 5'3 Elmore Frye'd Fish

5'3 Elmore Frye'd Fish

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This fish is a contemporary refinement of the "retro twin fin" with a roughly 6" deep swallow tail and beak nose. Starting from the nose, the flat bottom smooths into a single concave that begins about half way down the board and quickly transitions into a double concave that extends through the twin keels and out the swallow. The slightly domed deck holds a nice fullness as it tapers to a forgiving rail with a sharp trailing edge that begins about six inches above the fins. The distribution of foam is akin to the classic fish inspiration with the wide point forward and a larger proportion of foam devoted to the nose while the tail is pulled in and streamlined.




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Surfboards are only available for in-store pick up. Surfboard shipping is not available domestically or internationally. However, we can transfer the board between San Francisco, Silverlake, and Venice Locations for $50.

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