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  • 5'3 Gordon Woods S-Deck Stringerless Hull

5'3 Gordon Woods S-Deck Stringerless Hull

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Fastidious pioneering Australian board manufacturer from Sydney's Manly Beach; founder in 1956 of Gordon Woods Surfboards, the first company of its kind in the nation, and an industry leader until the late 1960s. "At the hub of the sport,"Australian Outdoors magazine wrote in 1960, "is Gordon Woods who, with a combination of brilliant design, improvisation, and pure surfing knowledge, soon established himself as the leading designer-builder and the most progressive authority on surfboards in the country." In 1958, the three biggest Sydney-based boardmakers, with the energetic Woods leading the way, relocated to a new industrial park in north Sydney called Brookvale; other surfboard companies soon followed. Two years later Woods began producing his own polyurethane foam blanks, which replaced balsa as the board's core material. His shop and his reputation continued to grow; Woods Surfboards' team riders in 1963 included soon-to-be world champions Midget Farrelly and Nat Young.
This 5'3 S-Deck Stringerless Hull was believed to be shaped in 1966. Jimmy Gamboa found this board in Australia over 15 years ago and has been holding it as a keepsake, until now! The bottom features artwork from Matt Howard. This board is a relic and definitely a missing link in surfboard history! 



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