5'11 Furrow Labyrinth 2+1

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"The Labyrinth model is a wide point back " double-ender" single fin that was inspired by Wayne Lynch's boards in the 1969 surf movie "Evolution." A perfect board for most conditions. It makes smooth, easy cutbacks just from standing in the middle of the board and has a really fast trim speed. The narrower nose really lightens up the swing weight, making it very responsive without compromising volume. Pure fun, effortless surfing!

I designed this board to be originally surfed at front side point breaks, but have discovered it to be an extremely versatile board at beach breaks as well. The bottom rocker starts with a mellow hull entry in the nose which blends into a single concave flowing into a double concave vee. Size range: 6'6'' - 8'6''" - Christine

Comes with hand foiled side bites.

Length: 5'11"

Wide Point: 20"

Thickness: 2 1/2"

5'11 Furrow Labyrinth 2+1 - Mollusk Surf Shop - description
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