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5'10 Steve Brom Dyno Fish (Used)

Sold Out

Steve Brom re-introduced his Legendary Brom Dyno Fish in early 2000, as a re-issue of the famous David Nuuhiwa shapes from the early 1970’s. This board you see before you is Series 2 #5 of 10. It is made from a Walker Medium longboard blank that was sawed in half to get the rocker profile, exactly how it was done
in the early 1970’s Dyno era. The board is one of the rarest in the series, due to its unique hand resin-tinted “monster green” bottom with organic resin tint swirl deck and 3 surf engines logos on the deck, contrasting to the Steve Brom Custom Shapes “SCS” bottom logos. This is the only example of the series to have that
logo combination, and to have the swirl on the deck with solid color bottom, as the rest of the series was reversed with the swirl on the bottom and a solid deck with matching logos.

It is a hand-shaped by Steve Brom himself, with resin art by the late famous Santa Barbara based artist, Kenney Edwards, and glassed in Volan by Clyde Beatty himself. This, in short is a very desirable, and extremely functional example of the twin-keel fish, that paddles unbelievably well, drives deep in the pocket, turns flat when its small, and turns into a driving rail board when it gets steep. In short, this old school rocketship should be a rideable staple in your collectible quiver!



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