5'10 Crime THR

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LengthWide PointThickness
5'10" 22" 2.5"

The concept and outline was designed by EVERYDAYSRAD for the kind of sliding he likes to do. Ryan Engle of Nation MFG came in and expanded the concept with his shaping knowledge and shaped the prototype.

Final outcome is this insanely fast board that catches waves with ease. It's a 6'4 diamond tail, with chimed rails and 1" nub fins. Rumor is that it truly is a board of special powers. EVERDAYISRAD found an ancient blueprint of the sacred geometry behind Noah's Ark and copied the outline. Ride it finless for ultimate satisfaction or with a twin setup and watch this flat rockered spaceship fly.

Includes fins.

5'10 Crime THR - Mollusk Surf Shop - description
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