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7'4 Mandala Clandestino Edge

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The Clandestino is a tribute to the speed shapes of the transition era and the beginnings of high-performance surfing. The sweet spot finds focus over the wide-point behind center fulcrum, where rocker through the vee panel begins to accelerate as the template pulls in to the pintail. The bottom flows from hull entry to tri-plane hull, with each side panel blending into vee. A parabolic double-concave within the vee panel begins at the wide point and deepens as it directs water flow towards the tail. The rail-line rocker goes from high to low, with progressive edge in close harmony with the concaves. Expect insane trim speed, extended perception of time on the high-line, and cutbacks so hard you’ll make sound effects.

Special thanks to Joel Tudor for lighting a fire under my ass to bring this board into the world. I’m sorry yours took so long to “test” and get into your hands. (Don’t even think about asking him if you can borrow it.

This design came my way via Marc Andreini, who was sent three templates from George Greenough. Marc grew up watching him surf, and cites him as a major influence in his approach to design. Many of the elements George adapted from boat hull design to his kneeboard spoons can be seen in the displacement hulls designed for stand up surfing. Greenough’s many contributions to modern surfboard design and his revolutionary fin templates is well documented, so if you don’t know much about Greenough you should study up about the guy who started the shortboard revolution in the mid-1960s.

Marc has started working on a book of his surfing and shaping experiences, and he’s engaged in an almost daily dialogue with Greenough. Who knows what they talk about until the batteries in Marc phone dies, but I’m sure it’s all about design.

George sent Marc three templates for these Edge Boards, and has asked Marc to share the templates with certain individuals who he thought were of open mind to appreciate and understand the concept. I gladly accepted and have attempted to study some of the code hidden between the pencil lines. I’ve been able to adapt the concept to some wider templates that work well in the softer waves of Southern California, as well as shaping a few shorter narrower pods for use in hollow surf.

These board was designed with the primary intention of acquiring SPEED. In decent surf, these boards will get up on plane quickly and suddenly feel much narrower than the actual outline width. Paddling for a wave, you’ll have a board that goes from being 21″ wide to a board that has the planing surface area of a board that’s 16″ wide. Once on plane, you’re riding on rails and flying on less wetted surface area.

The bottom contour starts with concave through the entry rocker into spiral vee starting at the fulcrum of the centerline rocker. Double concave out the back of a thinly foiled tail allows flex variables to dance with directed water flow. Expect to lock into good bottom turns and some of the longest roundhouse cutbacks you’ll ever experience.


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