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6'8 Christian Beamish Old School Twin Fin


"Old School Twins" break into two groups: 6'4" and under, and 6'6" and up. The shorter Twinnies are whip-sharp and fast, with surprising hold and drive when the surfer lays into turns with heavily planted feet and a buried rail. If the boards are surfed in a "flicky" manner, they tend to skate and slide (which can be fun and have its place), but they come alive when a rider gets over the board with his or her weight and drives hard. The 6'2"s and under should be ordered 2" shorter than the rider's height.

The longer "Old School Twin", 6'6" and up, shares a lot of single fin characteristics in the wide-point forward plan shape, and even the outline of the True Ames Twin fins--also in the vee running well forward. The "pulled" curve of the plan shape makes for long driving bottom turns, excellent hold in the tube, and extended high-line runs.

Length: 6'8

Wide Point: 19 3/4"

Thickness: 2 1/2"

Available at: Mollusk San Francisco

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