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6'10 Russell Inglewood


"The Inglewood is quickly becoming our most popular board. The Inglewood is a true displacement hull. A tapering 1” cedar stringer vanishes before the tail, creating a flex tail. The flex tail combined with a big flex fin will load up on your bottom turn and release propelling you into a high line on the wave. A bottom turn like you’ve never felt before. Usually ridden further up on the board, The Inglewood is ideal for point breaks or down the line reef breaks. This board is all about style and trim. Nothing quite compares to the feeling you can achieve on these types of boards." - Russell

Length: 6'10"

Wide Point: 22"

Thickness: 3"

Available at: Mollusk San Francisco

Ship to another Mollusk location for $50

Ships to most regions. View shipping estimates by region.

For more info, call us or email surfboards@mollusksurfshop.com

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